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"One of my favorite medical doctors in Sioux Falls is board certified in eight medical specialties and is one of the smartest men I've ever known.  He does everything he can to avoid giving drugs to patients."

--Dr. Bruce Hagen

"Learn the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Practices in this Health Training Manual that May Help You Live A Longer and More Productive Life"


What You Will Learn:


  The nutrients and procedures that prevent heart attacks, strokes and lower your cholesterol


  Americans are 5% of the world's population and use 50% of the world's drugs.

  People in 60 countries live as long or longer than Americans.

  American babies of like birth weight rank 40th in the world in infant mortality.

  American's spend over $7,000 per person on health care annually.

  1,000,000 people file for bankruptcy each year due to medical bills.

  The leading cause of death in America is neither heart disease nor cancer... it's doctor caused

     illness.   SOURCE: "Death by Medicine"

  Cancer deaths have increased 300% in the last 40 years.

  There is more sickness today than ever before.

  If it's advertised on TV, it may be bad for you.

  Over-the-counter drugs kill almost as many people yearly as AIDS.

  Drug advertising has doubled the use of drugs in the last five years.

  There are 100's of side effects of antibiotics, rarely effective for viral infections. Colds and

     influenza are both caused by viruses.

An inexpensive substance you need to take to prevent yeast infections if you've been

    on antibiotics.

  Reasons why you should think twice before taking two aspirin.

  All of Dr. Hagen's smoking friends are now dead.

  Surprising news about flu shots.

  FDA protects drug companies more than the public.

  How Dr. Hagen has corrected carpal tunnel problems without surgeries.

  How Dr. Hagen has corrected back problems without surgeries.

  Why we have so much Alzheimer's and senility in America.

  Why cheap vitamins may be the most expensive.

  How to lower your blood pressure without drugs.

  The nutrients that prevent aneurysms and strokes.

  The nutrients that affect the color and loss of hair.

  Sixteen commonly used substances that rob your body of nutrients.

  When to take your vitamins and minerals.

  A nutrient that removes or reduces brown age spots.

  Why you need natural sunlight, but don't get burned.

  Why the Prostate Specific Antigen test may not be reliable.

  Most diseases can be treated without drugs or surgery.

  Attending church regularly adds seven years to life expectancy.

  Good natured and happily married people live longer. Good humor leads to good health. A

     good sex life leads to greater longevity.

  Late-breaking news about cholesterol drugs. Drug companies are maximizing the benefits

    and minimizing the dangerous side effects. SOURCE: John Abramson, MD, Harvard

    medical professor, author of "Overdosed America".

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Nutritional Chart by Dr. Bruce Hagen

Depletions Chart by Dr. Bruce Hagen

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