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"We need more sunshine."


"Sunshine activates several important biological functions within the human body."

--Dr. Bruce Hagen

Why This Book Was Written...



What right did I have to write a book with a paradoxical title? During the last 57 years I’ve not missed a single day of work. My wife of 54 years has never taken a prescription drug. For more than 50 years I did not find it necessary to take either prescription or over the counter drugs. Our six children never had a pediatrician. They had excellent attendance records, excelled in athletics and intellectual achievements.


I’ve treated 50,000 patients from almost every state and province of Canada and several foreign countries. Many came to our clinics on crutches, in wheel chairs, on disability, and living on drugs. My sons and I treated almost 50 patients for a major meat packing company that were advised to have back or carpal tunnel surgery by MD’s, chiropractors, and physical therapists. None of the patients we treated wound up in surgery. One patient that had two back surgeries and had not worked for five years was returned to work in four months pain free.

I’ve authored the largest
Nutritional Chart ever published as well as a Depletions Chart that illustrates what nutrients you loose by taking aspirins, alcohol, antacids, caffeine, antibiotics, birth control pills, cholesterol drugs, Cola drinks, diuretics, Estrogen, laxatives, smoking, steroids, stress, and sugar.

Iíve treated hundreds of athletes without surgery or drugs and enhanced their athletic performance.

At age 77 Iím still working 10 to 16 hours and enjoying every minute of it. I play tennis every morning and golf three times each week and practice three days each week treating patients in our clinics in Sioux Falls, SD and Council Bluffs, IA. My wife is often asked which one of my sons she is married to. Although every male on both sides of my family are bald in their twenties I still have a nearly full head of hair. I do take a lot of vitamins.

For more than fifty years Iíve saved health articles, attended seminars and classes at major universities and clinics, been trained in non-medical treatment protocols, and tried all kinds of natural therapies. Some worked. Some didnít.


One article I save from the Davenport, IA Times stated in 1952 that no one would ever suffer with arthritis again. A new drug called Cortisone would cure everyone.

There is no miracle cure, no single item that can guarantee life and vitality. There is a common-sense way of thinking that I have attempted to depict in this book. It is based on what I've learned through the years and the knowledge I have gained that I believe can be of value to others who want to add life to their years.

Because of factors we've inherited, mistakes we made earlier in our lives, or unfortunate circumstances we've encountered along the way, you and I may not live to be 100.

That is all past. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Let's live this day and every day that follows with determination to enjoy life and good health to 100 and beyond. It's up to us.

Curriculum Vitae: Bruce C. Hagen

Dr. Bruce C. Hagen grew up in Southern Wisconsin. Born at home he saw a medical doctor twice before graduating from high school. He enlisted in the US Army Air Corp upon graduation the week of his 17th birthday. While in the Air Force he served in Texas, Guam, Japan where he attended Keio University, and Fort Campbell, KY.

He attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. He interned with Dr. R. A. Silbaugh, a professor at Palmer College in Wheatland, IA. He received a BAS degree from Westmar College in LeMars, IA. He received a Certificate of Management from the American

Management Association at Morningside College in Sioux City, IA. Additional studies include The Latest Strategies in Treating Low Back and Sciatic Nerve Disorders at the Harvard School of Medicine in Boston, Managing Physicians, Health Systems Management, Industrial Ergonomics, The Latest Strategies in Health Systems Management, and Negotiating Health Care Contracts, all of which were conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health. Other seminars include Carpal Tunnel at the Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University, Acupuncture, x-ray, Industrial Consulting, Athletic Injuries, and Nutritional Evaluation.

The author of numerous articles and books on health including Clinical Procedures and Patient Management, Practice Administration, The Personal Injury Practice, the largest nutritional chart ever published, and Depletions Chart and a genealogical book entitled, From Whence Came I. He has lectured to chiropractors from every state in the Union and several foreign countries.


Dr. Hagen continues to practice with his son Dr. Mark Palmer Hagen at one of the nations finest chiropractic clinics in Sioux Falls, SD. Both doctors are team chiropractors for the Sioux Falls Canaries baseball team and the Sioux Falls Sky Force professional basketball teams. He and his wife Beth have presented free chiropractic clinics in Jamaica five times, once in the Ukraine, and five times in Poland where they have given over a million dollars in free services, clothing, and health care items.


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